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A tomato with 'tude, dude.

Maglio Produce

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Maglio and Company salutes "The Flying Tomato"
for bringing home the gold from Torino!

Maglio Produce

February 6, 2006. An epic day. The day that the Gangstar from California won the Men's Half-Pipe at the Olympics. The Flying Tomato has made all of us proud with his talent and his humility.

At Maglio, we think that Flying Tomatoes rule! (At least the ones that ride snowboards at the Olympics.)

Maglio & Company is committed to supplying the finest quality fruits and vegetables, specializing in tomatoes and value-added products in a food safe environment.

Maglio's Flying Tomato Glossary of Snowboarding

If you would like to learn some Snowboard-ese, check this out.


If you don't know the name of a tomato, you just call them "Dude." This applies to Maglio & Company employees, too. "I need to get some of those red Dudes from you." Or, "Dude, I need 1,000 tomatoes tomorrow."


Anything that is totally awesome. "Dude, the size of that beefsteak tomato is epic."


A cool imported tomato that seduces the tastebuds with its foreign charm. "That feesh Chilean tomato was a real Gangstar." (see below)


A tomato so perfect that it is considered illegal to shame fellow tomatoes in such a fashion.


Shortened version of Herbert. A bad tomato that doesn't stack up to Maglio quality standards.


A term that describes tomatoes that are awesome or gnarly.


Describes tomatoes that are huge, epic and exceptional.


A tomato that pretends to be something that it is not.


Super cool and awesome tomato.