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Maglio Produce

Always Innovating

Maglio innovative solutions are continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of today's produce buyers. We maintain a steadfast commitment to developing forward-thinking attributes across 5 areas of our business that directly result in benefits to our customers.

The readyripeTM Watermelon Pouch

The new readyripeTM watermelon solution gives sliced watermelon longer shelf life, naturally enhanced quality and convenience for today’s busy consumers.

ReadyRipe, Maglio Produce
  • Innovation of pouch optimizes the quality and flavor of the watermelon, creating a new high demand offering for the retailer.
  • Virtually no wicking and leaking from product, resulting in a more desirable appearance.
  • Attractive design of pouch entices customer to purchase.
  • This new approach can substantially improve the financial results for the retailer through increased sales revenues and reduced production and clean up expenses.
  • Extended shelf life allows retailer more production flexibility, reducing costs.
  • Retailer can also sell consumers watermelon pouches along with whole watermelons, increasing whole watermelon sales.
  • Promotes year round consumption of watermelon.
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  • ReadyFresh, Maglio Produce


The Beer Lime®

Beer Lime, Maglio Produce

The fun BeerLime® creates demand for a less sought after lime size.

  • When cut, the BeerLime® sits perfectly atop an open beer bottle.
  • The BeerLime® is packaged in an eye-catching display for quick and easy set up in strategic locations.
  • Not only does it look great, the BeerLime® packaging also extends shelf-life for up to four weeks.

We want to help your business grow, so we are not only committed to searching out and partnering with the best suppliers out there, but we also offer value-added programs such as private labeling, custom packing and inventory management.

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