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In this business, it's who
you know and what they grow.
Maglio Produce


Market Source, Maglio Produce

Beer Lime, Maglio Produce

Lucky for you, our Market Source buying team knows a lot of quality growers of fresh fruits and vegetables. And we can deliver straight from the field to you, providing you the freshest products available.

We want to help your business grow, so we are not only committed to searching out and partnering with the best suppliers out there, but we also offer value-added programs such as private labeling, custom packing and inventory management.

And we always have our eyes open for new ideas that bring more opportunity to you!

That includes looking for innovative ways to increase consumer interest in fresh fruits and vegetables. BeerLime® is just one example of Market Source’s fresh marketing ideas to build demand for a less sought after lime size. When cut, this lime sits perfectly atop an open beer bottle and is packaged in an eye-catching display for quick and easy set up in liquor departments and on the checkout counter. And not only does it look great, the BeerLime® packaging also extends shelf-life for up to four weeks.

Call Market Source today at 414-906-8808 to learn more about how to increase your produce quality and return on your investment with our value-added programs.