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Tomato Romp 2007

Maglio Produce

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Tomato romp logo, Maglio Produce

Photos by Theresa Dickison, Maglio & Company

tomato fight sign, Maglio Produce

Maglio & Company was pleased to sponsor the first annual Tomato Romp that took place on the East Side on September 22, 2007.

The one-day benefit for the East Side Business District marked the final day of summer in spactacular fashion. Celebrating all things tomato, Tomato Romp featured the first annual North Avenue Bloody Mary contest, second annual East Side Plein Air Art Competition, marinara and salsa tastings and the highlight of the day, a rotten tomato cage fight.

The festival was inspired by La Tomatina, the annual rotten tomato fight held in Spain in which tens of thousands of people gather to hurl rotten tomatoes at each other. While the East Side debacle wasn't nearly that big (yet!), it was a sight to see.

The festival was also an official sight for Second Harvest of Wisconsin. Attendees were encouraged to donate their excess fresh produce to Second Harvest.

Click on the pictures below to catch the action or click here for the Tomato Cam video on YouTube.

Tomato Mascot, Maglio Produce Salsa Tasting, Maglio Produce Tomato Romp Music, Maglio Produce Pre-Battle, Maglio Produce Tomato Romp Battle, Maglio Produce
Tomato Romp Battle, Maglio Produce Tomato Romp Battle, Maglio Produce Tomato Romp Aftermath, Maglio Produce