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As we embark on our 121th year in business, I’m reminded of the old adage, “From humble beginnings come great things.”

For a company like ours that began as a one-man enterprise in Chicago, this rings especially true. Maglio Companies is a major value-added produce distributor and a leader in food safety and product innovation. Your trust in our company, in our people, and in our offerings has played no small part in getting us here. So where’s “here”?

“Here” is our newest product innovation, Maglio Mango Cheeks. Meeting the unique challenges of the pandemic era, our mango cheeks are not only delicious, they’re labor-saving and convenient. “Here” is purchasing a second location in Glendale that will allow us to add 78,000 square feet of production space to our daily operations. “Here” is continuing to enhance people’s lives with quality produce, employment opportunities, and a consistently forward-thinking approach to how we solve our customer’s produce problems.

120 years later, we’re here. And we thank you.

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