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Maglio Mango Cheeks are the newest innovation from Maglio Companies!

Maglio Mango Cheeks are ready-to-eat comestibles consisting of peeled, pitted and individually-wrapped mango halves.  Our proprietary processing techniques allow for extended shelf life and maximum enjoyment.

Maglio Mango Cheeks will come in three convenient formats: 20 count bulk pack that’s ideal for food service, a “single” pack consisting of 12 individual UPCs perfect for a grab-and-go set, and an eight-count multipack that will appeal to health-conscious, busy families.

Food Service Pack

Maglio Mango Cheeks food service box

The tropical superfood is now available in a ready-to-eat format!

Retail Pack

Maglio Mango Cheeks Multipack

Maglio Companies is excited to offer this convenient, ready-for-anything product.


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