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Multicolored tomatoes on the vine

The ones that started it all. At Maglio Companies, our heritage has been built upon the focal point of many produce programs—the tomato. We love tomatoes in all shapes and sizes, on salads or burgers, or at the heart of your own offering. With over 115 years of expertise on this robust and dynamic fruit, we have perfected the world of tomatoes and welcome the opportunity to translate this knowledge into a more profitable produce program for any of our customers.




Tomatoes we offer:

Bright red round tomato
Round to squat shape with smooth, firm, red skin. Also known as a globe or slicer tomato. Best usage is in sandwiches or quartered for salads.

Cluster of tomatoes on the vine
On the Vine
A flavorful type of tomato that cooks well. Typically seen in bunches of four to five. On the Vines are a smaller type of tomato, rarely exceeding a 6×6 size.

Three cherry tomatoes
A great accompaniment on salads. Moderate sugar content. Smaller fruit size.

Two whole roma tomatoes and two roma tomato halves
Narrow and elongated in shape. The most flavorful of all the tomatoes. Also known as a plum tomato, Romas have thick meaty walls and small seeds.

One bright yellow tomato
Extremely popular among people with acid reflux. Great for table decorations.

Four red and one yellow grape tomato
A great accompaniment on a salad. Sweet in flavor. Higher sugar content than the cherry variety.

Big beefsteak tomatoes in a pile
Large size and meaty texture, have a classic tomato flavor. Depending upon the variety, they can also be sweet to the taste. They are heavy, reaching weights as high as four pounds, and they range in color from pink, to vibrant red, to orange.

Multicolored heirloom tomatoes in a pile
An open-pollinated (non-hybrid) heirloom cultivar of tomato. According to tomato experts, heirloom tomatoes can be classified into four categories: family heirlooms, commercial heirlooms, mystery heirlooms, and created heirlooms.

One large bright red tomato
This is the gold standard among food-labeling terms. Certified organic crops generally cannot be produced using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms.


Ripening Guide

Tomatoes in various stages of ripening, from green to bright red

Health Benefits

  • Improves vision
  • Helps to manage diabetes
  • Good for digestive health
  • Reduces cholesterol levels & protects heart
  • Good source of fiber
  • Good source of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K and folate

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