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Seasonal Produce Guide


At Maglio Companies, tomatoes are our business. We supply all tomato needs from in-house procurement to packaging at our state-of-the-industry facilities where we wash, grade, size, sort and pack to your specifications using the latest in digital technology. From roma to cherry, spaghetti sauce to bruschetta, and even slices on a hamburger—tomatoes serve as a staple ingredient for every meal. With so many varieties to choose from, why not let our tomato experts give you exactly what you need to keep your eaters coming back for more.

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Our readyfresh division specializes in cutting whole produce, packaging it to specification and delivering it daily to our customers to ensure maximum freshness. The line of products includes fresh fruit, sliced vegetables, delicious pico de gallo and more. Let our program be exactly what you and your customers need — fresh produce, cut to your taste!

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Bulk Products

While tomatoes have set the cornerstone for our company for over 100 years, we also offer convenient sourcing, repacking, and delivery for 65+ fruit and vegetable commodities in numerous pack sizes and types for our customers. We even have equipment to produce new pack sizes. This flexibility allows us to adapt to any pack size or type that our customers may need in the future.

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Cold-Pressed Juice

Since produce is our specialty, we like to do everything thing we can with it and that is why we have created an assortment of cold-pressed juices ranging from 100% juices for mixed drinks and cooking, to our healthy, refreshing juice drinks and juice hybrids that are great for everyday consumption. Whatever your juice needs may be, let the experts at Maglio assist you.

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Produce doesn’t stop at just fruit and vegetables, because here at Maglio we make sure to provide the highest quality herbs to supplement any produce program. We carry any herb you like, ranging from cilantro to rosemary. We strive to have everything you need to give that subtle aroma or flavor needed to complete the perfect meal.

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Maglio has a wide range of pesticide-free organic produce readily available for any consumer. We follow the set USDA standards for organics to make sure we can give you exactly what you want and make sure our produce doesn’t have what you do not want.

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Mango Cheeks

Maglio Companies is thrilled to announce the launch of Maglio Mango Cheeks, a ready-to-eat comestible consisting of peeled, pitted, and individually wrapped mango halves.

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