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Safety Fresh Foods Plymouth provides a different approach to safe food by installing a state-of-the-art High-Pressure Processing (HPP) machine. When a product is put through high pressure pasteurization, water pressure is instantly and uniformly applied around the package. Providing the freshest products available. We will work with you on innovations, costs savings, food safety, shelf-life extensions and process enhancements thereby enabling you to improve profitability and sustain the long-term viability of Wisconsin’s food manufacturing industry.

Our building is a refrigerated warehouse facility in New Berlin is designed to be Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point certified, audited through the Global Food Safety Initiative, and Produce Traceability Initiative compliant. Labels conforms to GS1 number and Global Trade Identification Numbers.

Because we want to help your business grow, we are committed to searching out and partnering with the best suppliers out there. We also offer value-added programs such as private labeling, custom packing, and inventory management.

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802 South St.
Plymouth, WI 53073

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