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The Beginning

Maglio Companies is a fifth-generation, family-owned and operated, importer and distributor of fresh produce headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From our inception in 1902, the company was founded on the premise that our customers deserve the freshest and most consistently-packed tomatoes and distribution services available in our market. We are a pioneer in food safety programs and have developed several proprietary handling processes still used today.

Where We Are

Today, Maglio Companies is a value-added produce distributor sourcing direct from the grower and consistently delivering what our customers need and when they need it, all in a seamless environment. Our focus is providing our customers with safely grown, fresh produce that nurtures a healthy lifestyle.

We have listened to our customers and have invested in and implemented several innovative programs like High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), organic and traditional juices, ripening services, organic fresh-cut options, and the most popular varieties of herbs in the business.

Where We Are Going

As we enhance our just-in-time distribution model with a grower-centric focus, we will continue to find ways to reduce the time from field to fork. By expanding our line of innovative, convenient and sustainable fresh produce solutions, we will offer the freshest possible products.

Our commitment to customer service will never waver as we evolve and grow our services and logistics programs. You can continue to count on Maglio for decades to come as we expand our reach beyond tomatoes…with limes, peppers, avocados, papaya, melons, fresh-cut options, cold-pressed juice and so much more.

Since our inception in 1902, the constant that drives our business is your success!

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