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Generations of Excellence

For five generations, Maglio has proven to be a leader in providing innovative solutions to meet every customer’s unique fresh produce needs. We have maintained a steadfast commitment to forward-thinking food safety practices and have not shied away from investments in equipment and facility technology.

When our customers think of Maglio, we want them to think of us as a partner who cares as much about their business as they do. That’s the bottom line.

Core Purpose

Maglio Companies provides safely-grown, top quality, fresh produce that nurtures a healthy lifestyle.

Value Proposition

Maglio Companies is a value-added produce distributor who sources direct from the grower and consistently delivers what you need, when you need it.


Be trustworthy, be accountable, communicate purposefully, be a team player, be creative and resourceful.


Maglio Companies aims to be the most admired and sought-after produce distributor in the markets that we service.

Our Heritage


Maglio Companies begins when Giacomo Maglio travels door-to-door in Chicago with a pushcart overflowing with the best of the day’s offerings from the market.


Giacomo’s son, Frank, opens a retail market in Milwaukee and uses it as a base to establish a wholesale route. After World War II, Frank’s two sons enter the business and expand both the wholesale and retail trades.


Frank and his son, Jack, open a full service retail grocery store on Milwaukee’s south side. Frank’s other son, Sam, opens a warehouse on “Commission Row.”


Sam Maglio creates C&M Cartage (Catalano & Maglio) to streamline transportation between the Chicago and Milwaukee produce marketplaces.


Frank Maglio passes away and the retail store is closed, leaving the commission house as the main enterprise for the family.


The first forklift is purchased, creating a technological and operational shift from manual to automated processes.


Jack and Sam Maglio retire and Sam J. Maglio, Jr. (great-grandson of Giacomo) becomes the fourth generation to operate the business.


Sam Maglio purchases the first tractor trailer for Maglio Transport, paving the way for the future distribution plan of the company.


Maglio moves its operation to a new building north of Milwaukee. This move gives Maglio 85,000 sq. ft. of operating space.


Maglio expands again and adds 38,000 sq. ft. to its facility to better serve customer needs.


Entering the ready-to-eat, fresh-cut sector for the first time, ReadyFresh is created to serve the increasing need for further-prepared foods for the culinary future.


Maglio expands its operation to include a new 25,000 square foot facility in Oakdale, Minnesota.


Maglio Mexico S.A. de C.V. is formed to manage partnerships with lime growing and packing operations in Veracruz, Mexico.


Maglio enters partnership to open Boston Fresh, a value-added wholesale operation serving the Northeast market.


Paul Maglio (Giacomo’s great-great grandson) enters the family business after college, representing the fifth generation of the Maglio family.


Northeast expansions for Boston Fresh include the opening of a new 41,000 sq. ft. repack and fresh-cut facility in Brockton, Massachusetts.


In Glendale, WI, Maglio puts up 11 hoop houses (22,000 sq ft) to explore the viability of urban agriculture and the role of local produce in a global marketplace.


Maglio opens fourth location in McAllen, Texas with a 30,000 sq ft repack and fresh-cut facility, and becomes Maglio Companies, now servicing over half of the United States.


ReadyFresh expands its current footprint in Glendale, WI to more than double its production capacity.


Maglio creates a juicing operation under the name ReadyJuice, becoming Wisconsin’s first and only organic cold pressed juicery offering single ingredient juices along with organic and conventional blends.


To further expand its services offering, Safety Fresh Foods is established in Plymouth, WI and installs a high pressure processing (HPP) technology to extend shelf life and further drive food safety initiatives across all lines of business.

Become Part of the Family

Maglio Companies has been in business for over 115 years, spanning 5 generations and that is why our people aren’t just employees, they are family. Our team has a passion for produce and we work every day to give our customers perfect produce to meet their needs. We are always searching for exceptional team members to add to the family. If you are ready to help provide the world with produce that nurtures a healthy lifestyle, apply today!

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The Maglio Challenge:

Give us your biggest produce problem. We'll solve it.

What's the worst thing you have to deal with in getting tomatoes - or other produce - to your business? We love a challenge. Give us your biggest problem and we'll make it our problem. Better yet, we'll make it go away.

My name is Sam Maglio, Jr., and I want to be your tomato guy and your produce consultant. I've spent my career perfecting creative ways to juggle tomato supply with demand. Along with that, I'm a master at saving customers money while providing them with a better-quality product.

Our business was founded on tomatoes, but we offer so much more. Tomatoes can be a challenge to get to market. Why? Because a tomato is 95% water with a red skin on it. And even the best tomatoes from the best growers are not at their best quality if they are not shipped and stored correctly. If you've been trying to do this yourself, you know exactly what I'm talking about. How many of them actually make it to your business in a usable condition? That's where Maglio Companies can help. If we can handle these beauties, we can handle anything!

Let Maglio worry about getting you the right product, at the right time, in the right color and into the right hands. With our creative solutions, we can anticipate your requirements and deliver what you need. We have the technology with systems for shipping, ripening and storage. We know how to treat a tomato with tender loving care. And, we have more than 100 years of success doing it right. Our business is predicated on finding you the right product and the right quality at the source. Our grower centric sourcing capabilities offers over 65 unique products from various growing areas that allow us to keep the product flowing into the market, regardless of how ‘tight’ it gets. Let me be your buyer, and you will never have to worry again.

It all boils down to this: What kind of return are you getting on your produce investment? Maglio can turn your loss leader into a profit maker.


Maglio Delivers

Sam Maglio, Jr.

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We are committed to knowing produce inside and out—from how and where it's grown and harvested to helping our customers buy and stock what is best for their establishments. This is why we surround ourselves with people who share our passion for all things produce!

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