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Our Mission
We provide our customers with the knowledge, solutions and assets to execute a more profitable produce strategy.
Maglio Produce

Maglio Delivers the Finest and the Freshest Produce Available

Maglio Companies has been offering the freshest and best produce of the day with old-fashioned, conscientious quality and service since 1902. By providing innovative solutions to meet every customer's unique fresh produce needs, Maglio has proven to be a leader in the produce industry.

We have maintained a steadfast commitment to forward-thinking food safety practices and have not shied away from investments in equipment and facility technology. When our customers think of Maglio, we want them to think of us as a partner who cares as much about their business as they do. That's the bottom line.

Managing Produce Requires Attention to Detail, Timing and Pricing

Delivering you great produce with superior service and knowledge is our mission at Maglio Companies, but supporting you with great marketing ideas is our passion. Every day we work behind the scenes to identify the latest consumer trends. The insights we gain are developed into marketing strategies that give our customers a competitive edge. With fresh new ideas in display, packaging and training, Maglio Companies helps you increase profits.

1. Leadership. With over a century of produce experience and the highest integrity ratings from both the Red Book and Blue Book credit services, we bring you unparalleled insights followed by seamless execution.
2. Food Safety. Our company employs a full time Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager. Maglio has received consistent AA ratings from the British Retail Consortium, a leading global safety and quality certification program used by over 17,000 suppliers in 90 countries. This certification is only one facet of Maglioís dedication to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) program.
3. Supply. Due to any harvest's susceptibility to weather conditions, Maglio maintains multiple sources of supply. Maglio is able to pick and choose from the best available product at any given time and from any desired location.
4. Logistics. Fresh produce follows the seasons, and Maglio has established relationships with multiple operators to provide transportation from all growing areas to our repack facilities. Maglio ís dedicated fleet operations will carry the product right to your door in a timely manner.